Volunteer/Work with us

We are looking for a driver for our Gateway Club can you help? 

We are looking for someone keen to engage with our more elderly service users with a learning disability who attend a long-established social club on a Wednesday evening at our Hall in Aldershot. The club meets each Wednesday evening 7-9pm and we pick up and drop off a group who live locally Aldershot/North Camp/Fleet. Pick up and drop off takes approx. 1 hour so pick up starts from 6pm and drop off from 9pm. We are happy to talk to anyone about what availability you might have. This is a much loved club of characters and has been going for over 50 years! if you are interested and can help with our request we would be delighted

As a smaller charity we rely on our volunteers to help provide the service that we offer and enrich the lives of the individuals that use our service.

Your help is invaluable.

Whether it’s for one hour or for a specific project we really appreciate the support that you give.

Why Volunteer?

Mark volunteers for Parkside every week

Its not just about what you can do for us, volunteers can gain a huge amount from the experience:

  • Build confidence
  • Gain work experience
  • Get back into work
  • Boost your CV
  • Gain new skill
  • Learn more about people with disability
  • Forge greater links with the community

If you are a local Business looking for a volunteering day then we would love to hear from you. We often reach out to the community to help us with the various maintenance issues of running a Support Centre and our Gardens.  We also run Christmas Fairs and Summer events that companies may want to join in and help us Fundraise for!

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If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.