PIP – Personal Improvement Plan (Youth Group)

A successful day service designed for young adults to focus on maintaining and developing essential life skills. Every 4/6 weeks a programme of activities is developed which has a focus on a specific life skill and service users work as a group towards achieving realistic outcomes. Each service user also has their own individual learning plan and targets aimed at achievable development

The service is based in our Activity Room within Farnborough Library. This space provides a fantastic opportunity for Service Users to access the local community. Individual groups are supported to use public transport to access some off-site activities; building confidence and encouraging inclusion.

PIP Youth runs Monday and Friday from  9.30am – 3.30pm at the LINK Farnborough.

For any comments suggestions or queries regarding the activity, programme please email the Deputy Manager Angie Morris or Group Leader lucy.bettridge@parksidealdershot.co.uk or Tel:01252 313103.Please bring your bus pass to every session. 

Upcoming Programme
Date Activity
Monday 1st July



Friday 5th July

AM – Researching American Independence Day and why it is celebrated, finding out the correct way to fold the American flag

PM -Visiting Parkside Garden to make S’mores and to Aldershot Park to play Baseball

AM -Research native American culture. What are spirit guides and dream    catchers.

PM – Visit Virginia Waters for picnic and to find the Totem Pole

Monday 8th July



Friday 12th July


AM – Looking at he origins of football and visiting Frimley Lodge Park to play a game of football.

PM – Going for a pub lunch to celebrate Matts Birthday!

AM – Looking at Mexican culture. Why and how they celebrate Day of the Dead. Make some Salsa and Guacamole

PM – Day of the Dead arts and crafts

Monday 15th July




Friday 19th July


AM – Researching Europe and the countries that currently make up the EU and why we became a part if it.

PM – Researching French and German culture and making Baguettes for lunch

AM – Nelson Mandela Day; how is it celebrated and why

PM – Zumba


Monday 22nd July


Friday 26th July

AM – Researching Japanese and Chinese cultures and looking at their artwork

PM – Visiting Parkside for Japanese and Chinese food tasting

Life Skills Focus – Travel Training

AM – Research bus route to Gillian Avenue and make our way over

PM – Picnic in Gillian Avenue and water the plants

Monday 29th July


Friday 2nd August

AM – Cultural Movie Morning

PM – Reflecting on what we have learnt about our own and others cultures

AM  – Research the bus route to Yateley and make our way over

PM – Picnic Yateley Common

JET (Just 18-30)

JET was created to give young people aged between 18 & 30 the opportunity to socialise in a safe environment. They can meet new friends and the club helps them gain confidence and independence.

The group meet every Thursday 7pm-9pm there is a £2 entrance fee.

If you want to find out more about joining this group email Leanne Court or telephone us on 01252 313103


Upcoming Programme
Date Activity
18th July Karaoke Night
25th July Noughties Disco
1st August Games Night
8th August Fish and Chip Night (Please bring £5.50 for fish and chips or £3.50 for sausage and chips)
15th August Movie Night