Our Zone

Our Zone Activity Programme


September 2018 - January  2019


9.30am - 1.30pm (please bring a packed lunch)



Date    Activity


8th September


 On-site actvities. Scrapbooking Our Summer! Please bring pictures, information that you would like to put in your scrapbook. Plus Ball Games in Aldershot Park!


 22nd September


 Pine Ridge - Golfing 



6th October


 Bowling at Farnborough Leisure Centre



 20th October



 Halloween Ceramics at Mambo Jambos


 3rd November


 on-site arts and crafts. Creating your own Firework displays. Creating healthy lunches



17th November


Laser run



1st December


Out in Camberley - Christmas Shopping. Please bring a shopping list and money for purchases.



15th December



 Christmas Party Celebration!









 12th January




 Redfields Garden Centre for Hot Chocolate and a Christmas catch up!








For any comments suggestions or queries regarding the actvity programme please contact Angie Morris Tel: 01252 313103 or Email: angie.morris@parksidealdershot.co.uk