Garden Club

The Gardening Club runs every Tuesday and Thursday in any weather. They meet at Gillian Avenue, Aldershot not far from our main centre.


The Tuesday group meet 9.30am-2.30pm and are mostly out in the community with a variety of gardening projects. For more information about the Community Gardening Group


The Thursday group meet 9.30am -2pm and work on various projects in the large garden that we own.The fruit and vegetables that are grown in the garden get used within the Parkside kitchen and clients are able to use them to make their own meals at home. This year as a result from the Big Lottery Fund we will be inviting neighbours and their children to view the garden and see all the hard-work that the group have achieved along with trying some of the items made from the produce in the garden. We will also be inviting some of the elderly residents to our beautiful garden project.

Thursday garden big lottery.JPG