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October Update!



The amount of money raised for Help for Heroes, via Suzanne at Parkside, sponsored silence is £ 171.00.  I am very proud of the group, not an easy thing to be quiet, but they did it.


The last October happening was of course HALLOWEEN.  We made a witch, that made us all laugh, and Witchy was eventually placed in the garden – with a couple of ghosts.


The group made pumpkin lanterns, they made a mess too, and pumpkin lanterns were taken home.  We had a Halloween lunch too, sausage, mash and beans, with jelly and cream for pud.  The group liked this.


We are now into November, the weather definitely is letting us know this.  We still have lots to do - we are going to be making “Christmassy bits” and we must clear the polytunnel, and the garden – to get ready for all that will be happening next year.





October is nearly done now – soon be Christmas!  The Thursday group has remained busy, we have done some pre-winter weeding, a boring job – but it has to be done if we are to expect good results from our garden next year.

We have planted many bulbs into pots – so they can start growing, then we will either plant these into pots or straight into the garden.  Spring colour – lovely.

We have potted some strawberry runners too; these will probably be put in our Summer Sale stall next year.  We have brought the fuchsia plants into the poly tunnel, they were used in our Rushmoor in Bloom display.  If they survive the winter  we will be able to use them next year too.

This year’s Rushmoor in Bloom was very successful for the group – we won Silver Gilt for most Unusual Planted Containers, we won Silver for Best Floral Display using basket s and tubs.  We won second place for the Most Improved Wildlife Patch and joint fourth place for Best Garden for Birds.  I’m very proud of the group – and three of the ladies went along to the prize giving evening held at the Princess Hall, a new experience for our newest group member – Jackie Rose.

We held our sponsored silence on the 16th October; all sponsored money will be put into the Help for Heroes fund.  Suzanne (our manager at Parkside) did a sponsored trek for the charity, we are very proud of her for doing this, so our silence was in support of her huge effort.

The group will be making a witch next week in preparation for Halloween- I’ll let you know how this goes in my next communication.



August 2014


The Thursday Garden Group have been very busy; mixing the gardening with the weather (the weather always wins). The year started with the group planting many varietys of seeds-to be used in our efforts for the annual Rushmoor in Bloom competition, and also for the garden.  Looking after seeds is a labour of love, they have to be protected from heat, so lots of watering but its all worth it. We were very lucky this year with lots of seedlings to transplant and many went into our pots and baskets for visitors to the garden and Rushmoor in Bloom to enjoy. All our efforts were very colourful and we are very proud that all our entries for Rushmoor in Bloom have been grown by us. We have also planted potatoes, carrots and tomato's so the group have been able to take produce home to cook and eat what they have grown.


In July the group were so excited to welcome the Rushmoor in Bloom judges who arrived in an open top bus. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and the garden looked wonderful.


As part of the competition we also entered into the 'Wildlife Garden' category. We are very mindful regarding insects, slugs etc and the very important role that they play in the garden and in our lives.

We hope our garden will do well, the results will be known in September, so watch this space we will be letting everyone know how we do!


In the meantime, weeding, weeding and more weeding....


Happy gardening to all!





January 2014


All the members of the Thursday Garden Group appeared happy to be back at the garden after the Christmas break.


We have had so much rain that we have not been able to work outside yet - everywhere is waterlogged. The new year gales have left their mark too - several fence panels blown down. So lots to do when the weather improves.


We have potted up some bulbs and we've also planted some seeds. We've planted tomato, beetroot, pansy and cosmos daisy seeds. Next week we will plant sweetpea and runner beans. The group each planted a pot of cress seeds - when these have grown they will be going home.


We have started planning our coming year, wealways enter Rushmoor In Bloom and the group want to enster again this year. We also have a garden stall at Parkside's Summer Fayre so we've talked about what we are going to grow for that. So what we need now is some good gardening weather!



October 2013


Surrey Heath-20131031-00409.jpg


The garden year has really slowed down now. Shorter days, longer nights and unpredictable weather.


The garden group have still been busy though. We have planted pots and planters with bulbs for the early spring colour, we have cleaned empty. Slower pots and the potato patch has been dug over.

We've had Halloween too - the group had sausage mash and beans that day.

We are making plans for Christmas and will be making bits and bobs for Parkside's Xmas Party sale.

The last October garden session was extra special because a young male hedgehog was released into our garden. He had been looked after as he was so small and when his weight had sufficiently increased was able to be released into the wild. We wish him well.

We would also like to congratulate one of our gardnerers who has done a sponsored weight loss and trek - Well Done Paul Baker!



Thursday Garden Group - April Diary


The weather has been mad this month. On the 4th it was 3 degrees and snowing. At the end of the month 20 degrees. Crazy or what?


All the pots that the group painted were all ready for the Spring Tea Party sale. We've done some more - and planted them with summer flowering bulbs - for our Summer Sale.


The garden is looking better now. We have a new strawberry bed and the original bed has had some TLC.


We have potted strawberry plants for our sale and we have planted lots of flower seeds too. We have planted garden peas, sweet peas, lettuce and spinach in the garden.


Lots to do - we have made our plans for our entry for Rushmoor in Bloom.


Busy busy - more news in May.




March  started in the same mood that February left in.  Very cold - with snow flurries on and off.  The weather is having an effect on the garden - not much happening at all.  The plants are waiting for sunshine - and a bit of warmth.  Just like we are.  But we will not be beaten.  In the polytunnel - we have planted several trays of different seeds - and - there are signs of life!  We have garden peas that have popped up - and pansys - sweetpeas - and mezzys.  Fingers crossed that we can keep them going!  The potatoes that we have chitting have green shoots now - so as soon as possible they will be planted.  


The garden group were asked to decorate some flower pots to be sold at Parkside's Spring Tea Party.  This was a lot of fun for the group - paint everywhere.  Anyway - the pots are finished - and planted - all ready to go to Parkside for Karen's tea party.



February 2013 


What a cold month February has been - most of the month has been around freezing.  The snowdrops and daffodils have tried to cheer us up - so have the birds who are all busy building their nests ready for this year's babies.


The frogs are back in the pond in the garden - so spring must be on the way - even if it doesn't feel like it.  I do wonder where the frogs go in winter - wish I knew!


We have made a start for this year's flowers and vegetables.  We have sown tomatoes - peas- beans etc, and pansys and daisys - so heres hoping....


We have also made a start in the garden.  The raspberries have been moved, and are now in the front of the new polytunnel - so is a blackcurrant, and gooseberry bush.  We have planted strawberry plants in the front of this.  If we get any sun - this will be the perfect place for them.


We have our potatoes "Chitting" in the polytunnel and the potato patch has been dug ready so potatoes will be planted soon, all we want now is Spring Weather.


January 2013


We are into a New Year already; a quick re-cap on 2012.  Not a good garden year.  The weather just wasn't helpful- too wet for too long.


We entered Rushmoor in Bloom, and despite the weather related problems. We managed to get a silver gilt for our special category entry celebrating the Queens Jubilee - we also got silver for tubs and baskets, a silver for Community Garden - Not Bad Eh!


We decorated the garden for Halloween , we had a witch on a broomstick, and ghosts and skeletons in the trees.

Christmas we had our party in the new poly tunnel - which was decorated for the occasion....

and now into 2013


We had started this year very happily!  Not only have we got our new polytunnel - which is larger than the old one, so we've a lot more space.  We also have a super log cabin - we thank everybody involved with getting this, and thanks for all the hard work that went into getting it sited.  Special thanks to BAE systems for their donation.  Our log cabin was "officially opened" on Thursday 17th January, so we had lots of visitors.  The log cabin has given us a wonderful space to be able to use for our bad weather activities.  Visitors to the garden, and other garden users will also benefit greatly from it.  So thanks again to all involved.


At the moment the weather is in charge of the garden=snow=, but as soon as it breaks we will have loads to do - so lets hope that 2013 will be a good gardening year. 



February/March 2012


What's going on with the weather?  We've had temperatures of -12 degrees and two weeks later +12 degrees - what's happening?  No matter what, though, the garden grows on.  Remember I said we had planted some seeds ..... well, some of them have germinated - so the battle is on to keep them going and then to get them planted out in the garden as soon as "weather" possible.

We've created a new bed in the garden - don't know what it is going to be used for yet, but it's ready.  We have also made a new strawberry bed and we've planted that with last years baby plants.

We're busy planning this years Rushmoor in Bloom entry: can't say what we are going to do - it's a secret!

Spring is springing folks.  Daffs and crocus are out, fat buds on the trees - it's all happening.



January 2012


We returned to the garden after Xmas on the first week of January.  We talked through the ideas we have for this year and the changes we are doing to make.  Also what we are going to grow.

The weather has been really changeable - we've had sub zero and double digit temperatures - MAD!!


We are going to start our seed palnting next week - so let's hope that Nature helps out.  We are all looking forward to a productive and busy year. 

Talking of Nature, we had two tortoise shell butterflys in the garden in December.  And the birds are collecting and building nests

SPRING is on the way - YIPEEEEEE!!!!!    Smile






This November has been the mildest I can remember - we still have Cosmos Daisys and Fushias out in the garden!  In the middle of the month we spotted a Red Admiral butterfly and a Tortoiseshell butterfly.  When you think, this time last year we had snow!


The jobs in the garden have been mainly clearing and tidying; the bulbs are planted - waiting for Spring.


With Christmas on the doorstep the garden group will be having a Christmas Party, then we have a break until the New Year.


By the way, we had a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' - we had eleven teddys attend and one monkey and  their owners of course!












A very mild month - seems strange that the clocks will be altered at the weekend and Winter time starts!


The group have been busy as always.  We have cleared the pots and baskets of their summerness, and have re-planted them with bulbs for spring-time.


There has been a lot of leaf raking going on; good fodder for the compost bin!  The garden is having its Autumn clear-up and all the plants that have 'done the season' have been put in the compost too.


The birds are getting ready for winter - so we remember to fill the feeders and bird table and we also make sure there is fresh water for them too.


So we say goodbye to October.







September has been a good month for the Thursday group.  The weather has been really good; at our last September meeting the temperature was 28°, HOT! HOT!


The garden is slowing down now and we are getting it ready for winter.


The Rushmoor in Bloom presentation evening was this month and we were so proud to win the Best in Category, 'Celebrating 25 Years of Rushmoor in Bloom'.  GOLD!


We also received a Silver Gilt award for the 'Basket and Tubs' category.  Everybody worked so hard for this - growing the plants, many from seed, and looking after them so that when the judges visited our garden it all looked wonderful.  WELL DONE THURSDAY GROUP! 


PS.  We'll do it all again next year. 


















After a long cold winter we are now coming to the end of March. We have had some fab weather and warm sunshine (18 degrees C) which has helped give the garden a good kick start. We planted two rows of potatoes in February and they are just peeping through the soil, we also planted rhubarb and raspberry canes and they are looking good too.


The Daffodils that we started off in pots are now in the ground and in flower, along with the crocus. We have the biggest buds on the fruit trees so with some encouragement hopefully lots will blossom, giving us lots of fruits in the Autumn!


Spring sees the return of insects and creatures appearing, so far we have seen the roundest biggest bumblebees, three different varieties of ladybird and a white butterfly. Our pond had a makeover late last year so we now have deeper water, which has already been visited by the frogs who have laid lots of frog spawn. There are also water boatman on the surface of the water.


The birds have visited us too, we have seen robins, doves, blue tits, sparrows, dunnocks, chaffich, black birds and magpies in the garden!

We have planted lots of seeds in our poly tunnel if they all germinate we will be very busy next month potting on!


That's all for now, come back soon to hear whats been happening in the Garden!