FAB Group

Farnborough Activities Base (FAB)

This is an exciting project aimed at providing leisure and community activities in the Farnborough area. We meet each Wednesday mornings at the Parkside Activity Room based within Farnborough Library. The session offers a combination of activities and social opportunities.

The base currently runs two groups and meets on Wednesdays:


FAB Sports Group

The club meet weekly and currently take part in football, badminton and tennis classes with a trained coach.


FAB Ladies Activity Group

Includes health and fitness classes, beauty mornings and exercise classes.

We will be happy to recieve any requests or suggestions for this group. Please use the Suggestion form on the website. If you are interested in learning more please contact Parkside call:01252 313103.

FAB Ladies Activity Programme April - May 2017


Date                  Activity

5th April             Art & Craft: Mindfulness Colouring, Stencilling & Marbling


12th April           Herb Planters


26th April           Yoga; using movement to become more positive and relaxed


3rd May             Please bring in Diet Doodle Diaries and £2 lunch activity;  making wraps for lunch


10th May            Belly Dancing on ten Wii


17th May            Candle Making


24th May            Table Tennis


31st May             Pine Ridge Golf Course