Case Studies


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Achievement profile-Emma Cunningham


Clients who join Parkside have various mobility issues and something that the team are keen to develop with clients is encouraging them to be as independently mobile as they can safely do so. When Emma joined Parkside she was extremely reliant on her wheelchair. When staff took Emma out into the community on trips they encouraged Emma to walk more using her walker. The aim was to encourage Emma to exercise more which in turn would help with her overall health.


All of this could only be achieved with Emma’s agreement and the staff were delighted that she took on the challenge with enthusiasm. The staff and clients helped Emma reach her goal by giving her lots of positive motivation. A year on and Emma has not used her wheelchair and in fact managed a long day at Chessington World of Adventures with just her walker (in fact Emma doesn’t go anywhere near her wheelchair now).


Emma now regularly sets her own goals for example not using the ramps at bowling but using her walker to support her while she bowls a ball. All the staff are delighted as they can readily see the improvements in Emma’s health and fitness levels- well done Emma!



Julia Gubbins.jpg


Achievement profile- Julia Gubbins


The Admin team at Parkside are based at the front of the premises so do see clients as they come and go. Julia would regularly come into the office to see Jan but what started as a brief visit became longer as Julia didn’t want to leave. This was having an impact on Jan’s workload and Julia’s session time at Parkside, so with everyone’s agreement a reward system was put in place.


The agreement was a chart would be created using a sticker a system and if Julia only popped into the admin office and didn’t go back until the end of the day she could choose a sticker for her chart. It was agreed Julia could also choose and purchase the stickers when she went out on the Friday morning PIP shopping session.


Julia has responded really well to this initiative and at the end of the first term of was rewarded a sticker for all her sessions. The chart is on-going as Julia enjoys choosing her sticker and is very proud that she has managed to continue with it and still have time to catch up with Jan on her news in a more timely fashion!



Achievement profile – Oliver Mansell


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As part of the 1:1 support work delivered at Parkside we also encourage clients in their ability to live independently. Oliver’s parents live in Lee-On-Solent so for Oliver to visit them he would need to catch a train. Oliver identified this challenge and worked with his support worker on achieving his aim. Along with his support worker they looked at train times and the best route and time for Oliver to travel.


A written plan was set out with concise instructions for Oliver and the agreement was made that his support worker would take him to the station and his parents would collect him from the agreed train station. Oliver enjoys travelling to see his parents and he feels comfortable in making the journey both Oliver and his parents are extremely happy with his achievement.



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Achievement Profile-Mona Martur

At Parkside we are passionate about the work we do with our clients and want to share with our readers some of those achievements. We are delighted to share Mona’s story.

Mona joined PIP in March 2011having recently left India to live in England. When Mona arrived she spoke little English, was very shy and lacked confidence so would only interact with staff. The initial struggles that Mona had were recognised by staff, a plan was agreed to assist her communication in a style that suited her needs. Mona thrived with the praise and patience and is now a confident, chatty and valued member of the PIP group. Mona’s sense of humour has become very apparent and she can regularly be heard sharing her knowledge with both staff and

clients at PIP. Mona has shown a warm and caring side and is particularly helpful towards other clients particularly those that need more assistance.  The picture shows Mona with the Parkside staff who have enjoyed helping Mona reach her goals.



Jackie Case study.jpg 


Achievement Profile - Jackie Swell


Jackie Swell has been a client at Parkside for a number of years and enjoys attending the Gateway Club the Thursday Garden Club and she also has a place on the Parkside Café work experience programme.


Her role at the Café is to serve refreshments to members of the public that use the Park next to the café. Jackie was unsure of the till so was set a goal to gain confidence in using it when it was busy. A plan was agreed with Jackie and she spent time using the 2nd till in the café, along with support staff she practiced through role play. This helped with her confidence and money recognition.


Jackie now has a fuller role at the Café and she works very hard in serving customers Jackie said being able to use the till has meant she finds it easier to talk to the customers. When before Jackie said she couldn’t use it she is very proud now to say she can!


The picture shows Jackie at the Garden club something else she loves. This year the Garden club won more categories than ever in the Rushmoor in Bloom competition Jackie was very much part of that achievement.